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Brain Compatible Learning®

“Good design encourages a viewer to want to learn more.” Alexander Isley


The main objective of Brain Compatible Learning ® is: to create a learning environment where the participant is excited to learn more and change their behavior. In this environment:

  • The point of learning is no longer just to retain information but rather it’s a physical experience.
  • The participant can interact with others with a focus on learning and generate constant feedback for their own development.
  • The participant can discover their own sources, gain insight and get motivated for a change of behavior.

Fundamental Principles

Brain Compatible Learning® builds such a learning environment based on these three principles:

  1. A skill-oriented learning experience design: A design model involving the entire brain and the body, which prioritizes the learning experience by taking the learning process beyond information transfer.
  2. Trainings which offer interactive learning: Simple and effective trainings which offer interactions in the frame of learning and build up excitement and curiosity to learn more.
  3. A learner-oriented sense of guidance: A guidance approach which helps to plan and carry out the self-behavior changing process of the learner.

How does Brain-Compatible Learning ® work?

Beyin Uyumlu Öğrenme Hakkında

A learning environment in line with these principles is one that is intriguing, fun and a place where the participants can inspire themselves. Here, a change in the way the brain operates is seen: the lower brain, which is resistant to change, leaves the control to the front lobe which is responsible for learning. As a result, a phase where the entire brain and body feels excited to learn is reached. The person can see what is blocking their behavior change and activate their own resources to overcome it in this phase.

The biggest prize for the brain and body, is to reach this phase. Brain Compatible Learning® draws from the most simple and effective models from neuroscience, physical conscience, design and psychology to ease the transition to this phase. Through the holistic sense of learning it offers, participants can experience the energy and joy of this prize in every learning environment. By this means, behavior change is carried onto real life with the same motivation and determination.

To ensure this powerful change, Brain Compatible Learning® offers a holistic design, models which are adaptable to every subject, interactive activities and a sense of guidance.