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Freedom, Care and Two questions.

Eda - 21 March 2020 - 0 comments

David Foster Wallace describes freedom as: “Essential freedom requires attention, awareness, discipline and effort; it includes the ability to love others heartily and make sacrifices for them. Every day, in a row, annoyingly. This is real freedom. ” Every time I read this word, I feel strange, and I am excited by the desire to cry bluntly. The worst, the most beautiful, the most challenging, the most challenging and the most real news I have ever received …. I am surprised what I will do with this reality. All time.

It tells me about ÖZEN in life. Care deep in everything that looks beautiful. Every day annoyingly trying to do that. Without getting tired of being tired …. like raising a baby, looking at a plant, like being with a friend, being a part of the world. With the same care every day, as if you meet for the first time, by loving more and more every day, more real every day …

This definition of freedom and care raises two questions:

1) How do you meet? With life, with space, with people?

2) How do you meet? Life, place, people?

What are your patterns, memorizations, safe ways to go home? Is everything known and safe? Even in the first encounter? Or is there permissibility, uncertainty, flow?

However, it seems to me that we can reach the care in this definition of freedom with that uncertainty and flow. Only with that empty mind. Create an island for her. Don’t take anything with you on your way there. Leave the stories that you know everyone will laugh, and the clothes that suit you best. Just go there. Your head is empty for you. Go take a risk. The risk of looking at it for the first time. Though it happened a thousand times, it was like the first time … To take the risk of living …