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I’m Eda



I’m Eda, I’ve been working on learning experience design since 2005. I’ve created the Brain Compatible Learning® method by utilizing simple and effective approaches in the fields of neuroscience, physical conscience, design, communication and psychology. My objective with this method is to design learning experiences that focus on behavior change where the entire brain and body are included.

The most exciting part about Brain Compatible Learning® for me is that no matter what the topic is, it presents a holistic approach throughout learning that helps us reflect our skills, emotions, psychical intelligence and imagination onto the learning process.

Until now, I got the chance to participate in advanced level workshops in different fields such as design, literature, dance, acting and psychology. For me, learn is a matter of presenting a holistic guidance, where the person builds a holistic learning process for themselves. In this sense, I can best describe myself as “an interdisciplinary learner”. By filtering my experience in different fields on a learning basis, I turn them into exercises and models. As is, “learning” is not a job for me, rather it is life itself. Just like breathing.

My passion is to follow this development fever and to induce it in the hearts of my participants. My dream is that every one of us gets to meet the student in ourselves. With every program I design, I serve a bigger, exciting dream.

My Experience in the Field:

I acquired the Learning Experience Design through living it when I was working in Birikim Management Consultancy-Impact International between 2007-2009. I gained experience in the adaptation of learning activities to different learning topics in Metalog Training Tools where I worked between 2009-2015. I have been carrying out my own operations and building the Brain Compatible Learning® method since 2015.

At the same time, I am: