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We are re-designing in-company trainings.

From technical trainings to information-transfer oriented trainings such as finance, law: from soft skill trainings like corporate culture, management development, change management to competence trainings such as communication, teamwork and creativity, by redesigning your various corporate training materials according to the Brain Compatible Learning®, we turn them into a “learning experience” which can be offered by your in-company trainers.


We offer programs which can improve the guiding skills of the trainers.

The Brain Compatible Learning® supports trainers with an approach that focuses on behavior change.

In this process;

  • The role of the trainer shifts from the person who is transferring the information, to the the person who provides space for the information to be experienced and transferred to real life, the Learning Guide.
  • Learning design is then rearranged as behavior change design.

We offer programs about Learning Guidance in Brain Compatible Learning® for all instructors, consultants, HR professionals, academicians, teachers and coaches working in-house or individually. You can find these programs and their details on the Programs page under the title Trainer Development.

We organize learning programs for corporate workers.

Brain Compatible Learning® offers programs which will contribute to strengthening the bond between corporations and their workers, finding a common perspective together and the development of workers in not only their work but also in other areas of their lives. These programs, which will be determined based on what the corporation needs, can be carried out in 1 or 2 days or in modules spanning over a few months. You can find these highly requested competence-development titles on the Programs page under the title Corporate Development.

Programs Specific to Corporations

It also supports you with one or two hours talks in specific topics teams or departments may need or with workshop design and facilitation. It offers a facilitation approach that will commingle the teams in your in-department changes, group work, performance assessment, setting goals workshops as well as provide everyone’s contribution. These programs which have been designed with behavior change oriented approaches are transferred to business life through maps and graphics where the participants and teams can track their own development.


We offer consultancy on the utilization of Metalog Training Tools.

Eda, as the only certified Experience Oriented Learning Trainer (EOL-Trainer) in Turkey, supports you with her expertise on learning tools. She coaches and consults you on how to turn tools from being “games” to real learning experiences and adapting the same tool to several different learning contents.