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A skill improving
learning design
and practice

Through the eyes of the participants

The Brain Compatible Learning® method I have created by utilizing different disciplines, is a simple and practical design  

model with activities and models which offer a holistic sense of guidance that invites the participants to the flow of learning.

We are re-designing in-company trainings.

We are re-designing in-company trainings.

By redesigning your various corporate training materials according to the Brain Compatible Learning®, we turn them into a “learning experience” which can be offered by your in-company trainers.

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We offer programs which can improve the facilitation skills of trainers.

We offer programs which can improve the facilitation skills of trainers.

The Brain Compatible Learning® design encourages development of trainers, teachers, consultants and coaches through facilitation techniques, a sense of guidance and interactive exercises.

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We organize learning programs for corporate workers.

We organize learning programs for corporate workers.

We design learning programs according to the subjects in which the teams and executives need improvement and we offer competence-oriented workshops.

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We offer consultancy on the utilization of Metalog Training Tools.

We offer consultancy on the utilization of Metalog Training Tools.

As the only certified Experience oriented learning trainer in Turkey, we offer consultancy on the utilization of learning tools in different training materials.

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Skill Oriented Learning Experience Design

A design model involving the entire brain and the body, which prioritizes the learning experience by taking the learning process beyond information transfer.

Trainings Which Offer Interactive Learning

Simple and effective trainings which offer interactions in the frame of learning and build up excitement and curiosity to learn more.

A Learner Oriented Sense of Guidance

A guidance approach which helps to plan and carry out the self-behavior changing process of the learner.

What is Brain Adaptive Learning?



“We got a chance to work with Eda in the frame of the program we have created to improve the customer-oriented skills of the cabin crews. We had great results which reached thousands of people thanks to the support Eda has given in the enrichment of the tools and exercises in our program and to our trainers.”

— Hasip Hakan Erişken

Turkish Airlines / Cabin Services Training Coordinator

“Ms. Eda’s qualities such as pinpointing your exact needs, good analyzation of the target audience, her methods which are based on exercises and far from theory and how shared documents before and after the training are what made our cooperation all the more productive. All the feedback we got about the training has been extremely positive and development oriented. We thank you for your efforts.”

— Çiğdem Burçin Gökdemir

Turk Telekom Academy / Developmental Expert

“I went on exciting learning adventures and got a chance to experience creative exercises with every training Eda has given due to positive energy. When I adapted what I’ve learned in Öğrenmede UHU (Learning GLUE) and Altın Oran (Golden Ratio in Learning) to my own trainings, I got substantially positive results which changed the learning environment swiftly.”

— Zuhal Zeybekoğlu

Koç University / Director of Office of Learning and Teaching

“We got together with Eda to redesign the content of one of my trainings according to the Brain Compatible Learning® method. She provided great support in integrating the content to the activities and keeping focus throughout training. My training became more interactive and joyful.”

— Hakan Gökbayrak

Nar Training and Consultancy Center / Instructor

“Eda has an exceptional ability to co“Eda has the exceptional talent to bind people to the topic at hand and absorb them into it no matter what the training is about. Her ability to correlate data from different sources which seem unconnected and even turning them into rich sources for each other is something I highly appreciate. She is someone I find great joy in working with and introducing to people.nnect and engage people, regardless of their subject. One of my most appreciated features is the ability to relate the data from different sources and which seem quite unrelated to each other and even to turn them into a rich resource for each other. Someone I enjoy getting together and introducing to others.”

— Zeynep Bahar Çelik

Sabancı University / CIP Program Manager